Are The Weekends Hindering Your Progress?

The GOOD news is that you do NOT have to be all or nothing to make progress. You CAN live a balanced lifestyle, doing the things you love and still make progress!

However, there will need to be a level of restraint, making choices, staying consistent and being balance if you have a fat loss goal that you are working hard towards.

In order to lose body fat you need to be in a calorie deficit. If you are eating out and drinking all weekend, every weekend, the likelihood is that it will be incredibly difficult to stick to your deficit. There are 7 days in a week and they all count. Being ‘good’ Monday to Friday and then blowing out all weekend is a sure fire way to halt your progress.

BUT that doesn’t mean you have to stay in, not socialise and say no to all plans forever more in order to reach your goals!

There are a few things you can do to help balance out your plans and your goals though….


Being flexible with your diet every day of the week will help avoid the all or nothing mentality. Have all of the foods you love in moderation and there will be less desire to binge when you get a small taste! Stop overly restrciting during the week and pretending like the weekends don’t count towards your goals. Instead, include small amounts of the things you love daily, in a controlled way and you will never feel like you need to lose control!


If you know you have a higher calorie weekend incoming, be prepared. Lower your calories slightly during the week to account for the higher weekend days. View your calorie amount as a weekly total rather than a daily total and split them out as needed. For example, if your daily calories are 2000 then your weekly total will be 14,000. You could split this as 2000 x 7 days or 1650 x 4 days, 2200 x 2 days & 3000 x 1 day and your weekly total would still be the same. This can help you to remain in control and understand how your energy balance works on a weekly basis. 



Start the day with a high protein breakfast that will satisfy you and keep you full until lunchtime!


Have a big glass of water as soon as you wake up and don’t forget to take your water bottle with you wherever you go. We are often thirsty when we think we are hungry!


Start your day with a walk or a workout. It will help to set the tone for the day ahead, give you mental clarity and get the endorphins flowing.


Takeaways usually happen when we are feeling lazy and cannot be bothered to cook, or are short on time. So be prepared and make your own, it’ll be so much more delicious! 


If you don’t want to do something don’t allow yourself to be peer pressured into it. It is ok to work towards your goals even though it’s the weekend. You are not boring despite what people might say to you! When people make comments it usually says more about them than it does about you. Work towards your goals and let them focus on themselves.


If you do eat out/get a takeaway/go for drinks this weekend then enjoy it and move on! Feeling like you have failed and waiting for Monday turns one meal into an entire weekend! Draw a line and move forwards. One meal doesn’t ruin progress, full weekends might! The best thing you can do is enjoy it and then get back to normal!


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