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a private female only online community


NRF Home is our private female only online community.  This incredible community of wonderful, likeminded women is held on a private Facebook page and includes over 300 saved workouts for you to take part in anytime, anywhere.

NRF Home is ideal if you prefer to train at home, are short of time, have kids or just prefer to fit your workouts in around your lifestyle in an easy, affordable and sustainable way.  This is the perfect option for those that would like to move more without being tied into a contract.  You absolutely can make amazing progress and become the healthiest, happiest, most confident you from the comfort of your own home. 

NRF Home is not a personalised programme, but with a bank of saved workouts, you can choose what workout you do and when! If you are interested in a more personalised approach, please have a look at NRF Coaching and NRF Training.  

Your Lifetime NRF Home membership will give you access for as long as you wish to stay! Gain access and get started today!


NRF Home is self guided platform which you can do in your own time at your own pace! There will be no updated content for NRF Home, but with over 300 workouts you will never be short of choice for your next workout! You can even find your favourite and do it as many times as you like! 


All classes use either bodyweight or limited home equipment.  When joining NRF Home it would be useful to purchase the following:


NRF Home is a one off lifetime access payment of £29.99.  You can purchase your membership here on the website! Once purchased you will be sent a link to join the group! 

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NRF Classes

NRF Home has over 300 classes to chose from! See below the classes included in your lifetime membership! These classes are taught by either Nicole herself, Ambassador Erin or Guest Coach Casey! What a team!

This is a brief description of each of the NRF HOME Classes. 

This is your abs class. Strengthen your core for many benefits and work hard through the burn. We use a mixture of slower, more controlled movements alongside the higher rep burnouts. 
This is all about those glutes.  We use a mixture of rep ranges to build the glutes and create that perfect peach.
This is an upper body focussed weights class.  This will help to sculpt the upper body, giving you shapely arms, shoulders and back. 
This is a lower body workout, giving you strong and sculpted legs.  This is not only great for aesthetic purposes but will also greatly help to improve posture and reduce back ache by making your lower body stronger. 
This is a VERY sweaty HIIT style class. It’ll make you sweat, make your heart race and level up your fitness game! This is a big calorie burner and will help to aid your fat loss goals.  

Using just a single kettlebell work on your strength and your fitness. This class will be a 30 minute full body blast to get your heart high and your muscles working!

This is a high intensity class mixing both bodyweight and weighted work. This S&C class will challenge you and leave you feeling really accomplished, and very very sweaty!

A mixture of Ashtanga and Vinyasa yoga that is suitable for beginners and beyond. This is the perfect way to start or end your day, increase your flexibility and enjoy relaxing and moving your body. 

If you are interested in throwing something different into the mix, then have a look at what is saved under this tab! You will find lots of different options that you can have a go at!

A chilled, sleepy stretch class to get you relaxed and ready for bed, whilst also working on your full body flexibility.

A hot and sweaty quick class that will get your heart beat high and the endorphins flowing. Push your limitations and try to beat your instructor!

Short on time? Want to get moving but don’t have time for a full workout? Then this option is for you! These classes are shorter versions of our normal classes, you can add them to the beginning or end of a longer class, or use them alone if you just want a very quick workout. Quicker doesn’t mean easier – these are spicy!


Compare NRF Plans to find the best plan to suit you!