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What is NRF Training?

NRF Training is a personal training service that includes 1-1 face to face, nutrition guidance, tailored workout plans and much more.  

Where are you based?

I am based at Heavenly Bodies Gym in Oldham, just outside Manchester. 

Do you have to be a member of the gym to train there with you?

Yes you do, but there is a reduced monthly membership rate for PT clients. 

Do I have to come to the gym to train with you?

Yes, I like to work face to face which my clients as you will gain so much more out of our session together.  If you did not live locally to me it would be beneficial to consider the NRF Coaching or NRF Home.   

I am worried about training in a gym, is that normal?

Yes this is completely normal.  As a beginner it can feel scary and intimidating but trust me when I say that Heavenly Bodies is the most welcoming and friendly gym and once you have had a few sessions you will feel right at home.  Also remember that if you are coming for your PT session I will be right beside you every step of the way. 

Will all sessions be the same?

Sessions will vary each week dependent on goals, fitness levels and strength changes. 

How much does NRF Training cost?

NRF Training is booked in blocks of 5 sessions and costs £175.00 in total, with each session lasting 1 hour.

NRF Coaching FAQ's

What is Online Coaching?

Online Coaching is a collaborative journey between you as the customer, and me as the coach to empower you to become the healthiest, happiest, most confident you! Online Coaching provides you with the tools you need to make lifelong changes to your health and fitness. 

Are my plans personal?

Your plans will be created specifically for you once you have filled out your start up questionnaires.  Every single person is different and has different needs, goals and lives so it is important that this is personalised for you and will help you to reach you long term goals.  We will work together to ensure that everything is perfect for you.  

Will I receive a meal plan?

I do not provide a set meal plan as I don't feel it works long term and is not the answer if you want to make permanent lifestyle changes.  You will receive an example meal plan to get you started but I encourage you to be creative with your meals and track using My Fitness Pal.  You will be provided with calories and protein goals and full guidance and support is provided to ensure you are gaining the knowledge needed to be in control of your nutrition forever.  

Can I talk to you on FaceTime / Zoom?

Yes of course.  An initial call will be set up for when you join the team as it is important that I get to know you and what you want to achieve.  Following this I am always available via 
WhatsApp ad email and additional calls can be arranged where needed.  

Do my workout plans change each week?

No.  Your plans will stay the same for 6-8 weeks as this is necessary to allow progressive overload to 
occur.  After this we will change your plans to keep you moving towards your goals.  Your plans will be created specifically for you and will be structured for your goals, abilities, availability and equipment.  

Do I have to train at the gym to be eligible for Online Coaching?

No you don't.  If your goal is muscle growth, training at the gym is preferable as this allows for an easier application of progressive overload without limited equipment.  However, at NRF we are proud to work with all females no matter what age, ability or training preference, so if you would prefer to train at home then your training plans will be made according to these goals.  

How much does NRF Coaching cost?

NRF Coaching is booked in blocks of 8 weeks and costs £199.00 in total.  Once the initial 8 week commitment has been completed you can move onto a monthly payment of £95.00 per month.  

NRF Home FAQ's

What is NRF HOME?

NRF HOME is an online, female only Facebook community with over 300 saved workouts, nutritional information, recipe and meal ideas, mindset guidance and much more. It is an incredible community of likeminded ladies, who share thoughts, ideas and encouragement with one another.  

What times are the NRF Home classes?

All the workouts are saved and accessible any time, anywhere, so you can do them in your own time. There is a huge bank of workouts available for you to choose from. This also means you are able to do the workouts as many times as you would like! I am sure you will have your favourites!  

Do I receive personalised nutrition advice?

No, there is no personalised guidance on NRF HOME. However, there are lots of tips and ideas, videos on nutritional information, how to calculate your calories, guidance on protein amounts, recipes, meals ideas and much more. So the tools are provided for you to be able to make amazing progress on your own.  

Is there a monthly membership?

NRF Home is a one off lifetime membership payment of £29.99. Once you gain access to the page you can stay forever without paying any more! 

What happens if I have an injury or specific requirements?

All classes are saved to the page and no one is watching you complete the exercises. Therefore the onus is on you to work within your capabilities, listen to your body and know where your limitations lie. If you feel that you need a more personalised service, then please check out NRF Coaching and NRF Training.  

Do I have to complete all the workouts in the group?

No, not at all. NRF HOME is built to work around your lifestyle and needs so you an do as much or as little as you like each week.


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