Rachael’s Client Story; Scared of the Scales to Loving a Build Phase

Anyone else really LOVE a client story?! I definitely do. Today we are going to hear from another glorious NRF girl, long standing team member Rachael. Rachael has gone through both a fat loss phase and a build phase since joining the team.. I hope you enjoy her take on things! 

For as long as I can remember I have been unhappy with my body and weight. Obsessing over the way I thought I should look. I have tried every diet going without result or making some progress only to lose it all after stopping. I had a very unhealthy relationship with food. Being unhappy with myself earged me to do something about so i tried going to the gym doing a lot of cardio and zero weight training because “girls don’t lift weights” After failing at everything to try make me feel better about myself I soon gave up and reverted back to looking for the secret to weight loss and that toned body. I was obsessed with the scales and what they said.

In 2019 I made the decision to try pole dancing with a friend at heavenly bodies pole & shape and that was the first good decision I made on my journey. Starting pole made me realise how out of shape I really was as the warm ups absolutely killed me, I gradually got better at pole but i wanted more. I then started going to heavenly bodies gym with a friend again, mostly cardio with a little weights. I started to lose weight but I still wasn’t happy with what the scales said and how I looked.

Now we come to 2020. I’ve continued at pole and the gym and made some progress but I was stuck. I spoke with Nicole and that’s when I decided to join team NRF which was the best decision I have made! I started my journey in October I had little to no knowledge about exercise and food. The first few weeks we’re hard but as I continued and proceeded with my check in’s the weight and inches were dropping. I remember thinking to myself how can I be dropping with all this food I’m eating. I was starting to see changes in my body and a change in the way I felt about myself.

After a couple of months my whole attitude towards myself had changed I started to feel confident in myself and all aspects of my life were changing I felt happy!! My relationship with food had changed I no longer felt guilty eating a decent meal! I started to gain some knowledge around exercise and food. I now realised that the scales don’t play as big a part as I once thought. I started my journey wanting to be slim and toned, losing weight and inches was a great feeling. However I feel now I get more enjoyment from being able to do more and lift more in the gym and for me to not be completely obsessed with how i look is a big achievement and I can honestly say such a shift in me mentally and I love it!! I even did an AK shoot which I would never have done prior to starting my journey and it was the best experience I have ever had. It was amazing!! I felt so empowered and absolutely stepped well out of my comfort zone.

I started my journey with Nicole on a calorie deficit which went very well. I have now moved to a reverse diet which at first scared me with the extra calories at first. I trusted Nicole 100% and with the extra calories my body changed massively I’m able to push myself more and get the most out of my workouts. I’m enjoying every part of my journey and even on the days where I don’t feel motivated to go to the gym I still make sure I stick to my goals.

Joining NRF has definitely been the best decision I have made. It really has changed my life and the group of girls are so supporting. I have been in team NRF for 11 months now and I have made the most amazing progress. I’m amazed at what my body can do and I will always stick by the quote Nicole once quoted “it’s hard to hate a body you’re taking care of” I’m eager to see what I can achieve along my journey.



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