Every so often we are going to feature one of our glorious NRF girls and their transformation weight loss story.  They will tell their own story; why they started, how it’s going, how they feel, what their goals are etc.. I feel that it is really important to hear from these girls that are on their journey’s with Team NRF and to read about his it has affected them and their lives.  We are going to begin with our one and only, beautiful inside and out ambassador, Erin…I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I did!


Well, where do I start? I have been with Nicole since the very beginning and what a transformation it has been so far.  I am the typical serial dieter…tried and failed them all.  Shakes, weight loss clubs, excessive cardio..And none of them worked or made me happy.  

For as long as I can remember I have been sad about the way that I looked.  Constantly compared myself to my friends and all the beautiful bodies you see on Instagram.  If I am completely honest I was lost and didn’t know how to find myself.  Then my partner asked me to marry him and we set a date.  The one think I knew for certain was that I was not going to be sad when shopping for my wedding dress, it should be a moment of pure joy that you share with your loved ones and I knew that with where I was physically and mentally that it would not be the case if I didn’t do something about it.  Fast forward 8 months and my wedding dress of my dreams has been delivered and I know with every inch of my being that I look beautiful in it.  I know that I cannot wait to show everyone me! Now that may sound weird but for years I have hidden behind other in photos and shied away from the spotlight…Now I am ready to be the centre of attention that day.  And you know what? I cannot wait!

Nicole is my sister and has always just wanted me to be happy, so when she suggested that I tried her way I thought “well what have I got to lose?”.  Little did I know she was about to change my life forever.  For the past 8 months we have worked so so hard on transforming my relationship with myself for the better and the weight loss is only the tip of the ice berg of what I have achieved.  We started slowly with small zoom workouts, working up a sweat and allowing me to gain some confidence in myself. It is a running family joke that my name is Erin “I can’t” Elliott.  Well I think we can now well and truly say that I have lost that name forever.  I have gained confidence in myself that I didn’t even know was hidden in the depths of my soul, gained a passion for weightlifting that quite frankly I thought was NEVER going to be there.  I have lost 60 inches…5 whole foot! Nearly 3 stones in weight loss and I also love myself.  

One of the best parts of being in the team has been the contact support from not only Nicole but the other ladies.  It is quite mind blowing that you don’t realise what you need until you have it.  A WhatsApp group full of like-minded women who don’t EVER want to tear you down but constantly bring you up.  Who tell you that you are beautiful when you are feeling anything but that.  Who cheer you on when you accomplish something that you have been struggling with.  The sense of community is priceless and I genuinely have friends for life.  


Although I feel like everyone is a work in progress I am staggered by my mental shift and overall transformation over the past 8 months.  I look forward to cooking and sharing recipes with the other girls.  I actually count down the hours at work until I can step foot in the gym, knowing that I will be sending Nicole videos afterwards and that she will cheer on every single lift I make.  I really did underestimate what having a coach would do for my life.  I feel like I always knew something was missing and now I have found that lost part; that lost part is Nicole.  


Are you ready to embark on an amazing journey and join a team on incredible women doing just the same?


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