Sarah’s Client Story; Strong & Capable

Todays blog featured our wonderful NRF personal training queen, Sarah! I hope you enjoy her story and that it gives you an insight into life as an NRF girl!

I started my journey with Nicole on May 28th 2022. Almost a year has gone by and I can honestly say that it is one of the best decisions I have ever made.

As a teenager I was very active and I used to go to the gym and horse ride however, during and after university this all stopped and I totally fell out of any fitness routine I had. I have joined, quit and re-joined the gym on several occasions but nothing seemed to stick. I have always done cardio training and tried to eat healthier but I never really saw any change or felt the dedication to stick to it.

During COVID-19 I lost my job and was placed on furlough and with the lockdown restrictions in place this meant a lot of lying around in the sun and cooking – the food, snacks and cheeseboards were endless!  After securing a new job, I bought a house and the indulgence continued in the form of more cheeseboards, snacks, lots of alcohol and many indulgent holidays.

During this time I also started to notice a decline in my mental health, I started struggling with anxiety on an almost daily basis and I wasn’t happy with how I was treating my body or my mind – I felt as though I didn’t love myself anymore.

This is when I decided to step out of my comfort zone and do something for me! It was time to get the love back and find a new passion! This came in the form of the Pole and Shape Academy based at Heavenly Bodies Gym in Oldham. I booked a membership straight away so I couldn’t be tempted to quit a taster course and I absolutely fell in love! I started with a group of other newbies and in this class I met someone who was already signed up with Nicole and recommended her as a PT.

Getting a PT was something I’d also considered and seen as I was taking the leap into pole I thought I might as well jump feet first into another new challenge!

From the beginning Nicole was so welcoming and encouraging and at no point have I questioned my decision. Starting with Nicole was the beginning of my nutrition and weight training plan and it has transformed my life. I started in a calorie deficit and now I have increased my calories to more than before to continue to grow my muscle and strength.

I have fallen in love with what my body can achieve! Every week in PT I feel like I can (with a much needed push from Nicole) push myself beyond what I think I can achieve and I carry that through to my own sessions. This has helped me achieve fitness goals and it has also helped me progress in my pole classes. The gym has become a place where I can clear my mind and be inspired by incredibly strong women around me. I always thought weight lifting gyms would be full of angry, obnoxious men (sorry!) but this is not the case at all. I have never seen women train or look that this before and it is an inspiration to see Nicole and the other women at the gym and pole push themselves to the limit.

This journey has led me to appreciate and love what my body can achieve and it has helped me cope and deal with mental health struggles along the way. Going to the gym in the morning and following my plans sets the tone for the day and I’m glad that I’ve made this lifestyle choice because that is what it is, a lifestyle choice. Not a diet, not a fad, a choice I’ve made to change my lifestyle in a way that benefits me both physically and mentally.

Since starting I have done things that I could never imagine, I’ve progressed two levels in pole when I couldn’t even take my hands off to start. I’m not scared to wear the shorts, show my muscles off or back squat more than my own body weight. I’ve gained so much confidence that I even did an AK shoot with Nicole and posted my photos on Instagram! I’ve become someone I thought I’d lost and this person continues to improve and get better every day.

I’m excited to continue with my journey and I can’t wait to see what I can achieve next.

Nicole has been more than a PT, she has introduced me to an amazing bunch of ladies who encourage me every day, she has pushed me beyond anything I could imagine and she has been there for me emotionally to help push me through a hard day. Through the laughter, tears, triumphs and moaning, she has been a constant support. I can’t wait to celebrate my 1 year mark with her any many more after that!


Are you ready to embark on an amazing journey and join a team on incredible women doing just the same?


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